Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Tae Yoo

Tae Yoo

Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Corporate Social Responsibility, Cisco

Inducted in 2021

Tae Yoo is the catalyst for Cisco's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vision, leading the company's social investments as well as championing environmental efforts and a triple bottom line framework (social, environmental, and financial) across the business. Committed to positively impact 1 billion people with digital solutions by 2025, Cisco has already impacted 530 million, primarily through its efforts to catalyze an entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports progress and inclusive growth, as well as developing digital skills and creating positive change in education and workforce development. Through Ms. Yoo's leadership, the Cisco Networking Academy program has become one of the largest ICT education programs in the world, reaching over 15 million students since the program's inception in 1997 and helping 2.7 million people get jobs since 2005. One of Cisco's early employees, Ms. Yoo's insight and business acumen have enabled Cisco to successfully collaborate across government, business, and NGOs for tangible, positive outcome.

Ms. Yoo envisions a world where everyone will be able to participate and succeed in the digital economy. As a multi-award-winning CSR trailblazer, she frequently speaks and writes on the evolution of CSR as well as the need for better broadband access in developing countries, innovative education models that lead to jobs, and a new generation of innovators who leverage technology for social impact. Ms. Yoo is a Trustee of the Cisco Foundation, a member of the Service Year Alliance Board, a member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on the New Agenda for Education and Skills, and a founding member of the CSR Board.