Tech Trends 2020 and Future of Work

Autonomous devices such as drones and robots to chatbots and voice-based personal assistants are changing the way people interact with brands and each other in today's digital world.

What does all this mean?

Will we now have autonomous vehicles show up when we request a ride? Will our coworkers be robots? And should companies re-think the product development process?

In this session, we'll discuss:

- Artificial intelligence and the digital future.
- Key technologies that will drive business decisions in 2020 and beyond.
- What's next for product innovation and impact on society.
- Skills that will be in even higher demand.
- Tips on what you can do to further advance your career in the new era.
- And more.

Note: Come early and network. Use the AI World Expo pass to access the entire Expo hall, startup pavilion, and technology solutions theater.

Featured Speakers

Kevin O'Brien is GreatHorn's CEO and Co-Founder. Under Kevin's leadership, GreatHorn has become the world's leading next-generation email security company, analyzing billions of messages and stopping phishing attacks that target a global customer base of organizations, both public and private.

Kevin brings deep industry experience, having been an early member of multiple successfully exited security companies, including CloudLock (Cisco), Conjur (CyberArk), and @stake (Symantec). Prior to founding GreatHorn, Kevin was Vice President of Marketing at Conjur, where he built the early go-to-market team responsible for initial market positioning and growth. Previously he led product marketing and sales engineering efforts at CloudLock, the leading cloud access security company that now has more than 6 million enterprise users.

In addition to his role at GreatHorn, Kevin serves as co-chair for the Mass Technology Leadership Council's cybersecurity group, and is a frequent speaker at key cloud cybersecurity and industry events. He has presented at the RSA Security Conference, Xconomy's What's Hot in Cybersecurity Conference, Microsoft's Innovation Outreach Program, the MassTLC Cybersecurity Conference, and has been featured in TechCrunch, NPR Marketplace, Mashable, Forbes, CSO Magazine, and more.

Kevin holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and holds a black belt in Aikido.

Meeting Notes

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