Career Branding and Selling Your Value

In this evening's presentation, Karen McMahan will focus on career branding and how to apply marketing principles and ways of thinking to one's career. Too often, people focus on the transactional aspects of their career (resume, letters), rather than the strategy of positioning, unique value proposition, and looking at emerging trends. One must know these things before one ever engages in writing a resume or letter, or even doing effective networking.

A resume is not a boring job history, but rather a position statement for where one wants to go next in one's career. It should focus on the value one brings to the employer. Technical people are often poor at communicating value. One must think in terms of value and results and not on tasks and activities.

Career Branding and Selling Value is what gets one ahead, whether that is advancing in the company or looking outside of a company or industry for different opportunities

Karen will talk about the importance of career branding and how you use that concept to sell yourself to best advantage. Come join us and get some excellent ideas for your own use.

Featured Speakers

Karen McMahan is President of Do-It-Write, Inc., a career marketing services firm in Durham, NC. Since 1989. Karen has coached executives, professionals, and early-career clients throughout the US and abroad in diverse industries, focusing on career action planning, career marketing materials, interview preparation, networking, job search skill building, and other career development issues.

Schedule of Events

6:30 Registration and Check In
6:35 Dinner and Ice Breakers
7:00 Career Branding and Selling Your Value
8:00 Raffle and Networking
8:30 Adjourn