Looking for Leadership in All the Unexpected Places

Most of us have participated in "Leadership 101" programs and know the basics of leadership. We've read books on leadership. We've observed leaders in action. We've been mentored by leaders. And we've been leaders ourselves - both formally and informally.

During this seminar, we'll begin with a review of the basics of leadership. Then we'll use our creativity as we look for leadership lessons in some of the unexpected places. We'll look for leadership lessons in situations that appeared to be less than successful…in people who may not think of themselves as leaders…and in some leadership "tools": a mission statement, a mirror, and a magnet.

We'll close with a discussion about how women in technology can use the lessons learned to prepare for positions of greater leadership.

Last Day for Registration is 3/12/2007. Please register today. No on site registration.

Light Hors D'oeuvres will be served