Aging Successfully

Come learn and develop strategies for aging successfully! There are no secrets or magic formulas but there are key ingredients that when applied, will guarantee a long life full of health and vitality. It's never too early or too late to start living your best life! (Event Rescheduled: New Date: 2/7/2008)

Featured Speakers

Hilary McClafferty, M.D., FAAP
Fellowship Trained Integrative Medicine Consultant
Dr. Hilary McClafferty is one of the 350 physicians nationally who is a graduate of the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona directed by Dr. Andrew Weil. She is a board certified physician with 20 years of clinical experience in a combination of academic and private settings. Dr. McClafferty has a strong interest in applying the concepts of Integrative Medicine as an extension of the patient's conventional care, and works closely with each patient to meet their needs best, whether it be to fill in information gaps about using nutrition to maximize health, answer questions about safe dietary supplements, help patients harness the powerful mind-body connection, or assist them with lifestyle change and healthy habit formation. She focuses her care on children and women. Dr. McClafferty received her medical degree from the University of Michigan in 1986, and is board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. She completed her two- year Integrative Medicine Fellowship in 2005. She is an active member of the American Academy of Pediatrics executive steering committee for the Provisional Section on Holistic, Complementary and Integrative Medicine, and edits the national newsletter for the group. She is also a member of The Consortium of Academic Centers for Integrative Medicine Pediatric sub-group, and has recently written a book chapter on Integrative Medicine and Pediatric Obesity.

Schedule of Events

6:15 Registration & Networking (Light meal will be served*).
7:00 Speaker
7:50 Questions and Answers
8:00 Session Evaluation, Raffle and Networking
8:30 Adjourn

(*Light meal included in registration fee).