Immersive Internet

So, what is this all about and how does it affect me, what is second life vs. simulations, vs. emulations, social media, web 2.0???

Immersive Internet has been used for years in Military Training simulations to Medical Operation simulations and in recent years, a massive growth in the gaming industry. Now, a web based, 3D virtual environment (AKA immersive internet) is available to provide an alternative to voice conferencing, traveling for meetings or meeting with clients. This mode of communication embraces the web 2.0/3.0 technologies and social media movement. A new user experience awaits in this new mode of communication.

Web.alive is based upon the Unreal engine and is a multi-featured true-3D virtual environment offering customizable avatars, voice communications, security privileges and inworld item interaction.
Check out Lenovo eLounge ( for a view of web.alive application.
Come and join us for a discussion of this new social media and how it will influence the way you do business in the future.

Featured Speakers

20 years working in high tech industry, from product development to advance technology research. Most recently worked with the Vancouver and London Olympic Committees to incorporate new and emerging technologies into meeting business challenges of the Olympic Games. Had the opportunity to live and work in India for over 3 years, building R&D facilities for Nortel and securing strategic partnerships. Local NCSU graduate with BS EE and MBA

Schedule of Events

6:15-7:10 Registration, Networking and Dinner*
7:15-7:45 Speaker
7:45-8:00- Questions and Answers
8:15-8:30 Session Evaluation and Raffle
8:30 Adjourn

(* Dinner included in registration fee).