Security it's a Problem - Retail Crime Is Costing You Money!

This event will be held at the Capital City Club, Raleigh's premiere business club, which is located on the top floor of the Progress Energy building in downtown Raleigh.

George Reynolds will be introducing the concept of "Shrink" in retail, which is a $100 billion problem. We'll look at the sources of shrink such as shoplifting, employee theft, organized crime, and vendor fraud. There will be several examples of how shrink adversely affects the honest shopper.

The role of security officers has evolved in the profession of Loss Prevention, and we'll examine the technology and societal impact of that evolution. Finally, we'll quickly look at the growing impact of digital video, data analytics, RFID, and other intelligent technologies are affecting not only loss prevention, but driving personalized marketing, self service, and our concept of privacy.

Topics that will be covered:
1. Sources and size of retail crime
2. Impact on the shopping public
3. Technology solutions
4. Identify theft, credit card data security, and the impact of RFID on
payment and identification processes.

Featured Speakers

George Reynolds is a high technology executive that has been consulting with clients in the retail apparel, information technology, healthcare, automotive, and machinery industries implementing RFID, and helping start-up companies drive break-through technologies to positions of wireless, security and RFID industry leadership.

Prior to this role, George served as VP of global sales and marketing for Avery Dennison RFID Company, increasing target market share from less than 5% to over 35% in six quarters Revenues increased twenty-fold in two years from $300,000 to $6.5 million. Before joining Avery, George created and ran the RFID division for Tyco Fire & Security. His partnerships in this space have included Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, EDS, Sun Microsystems, and Motorola.

As Tyco's VP of electronic article surveillance, he conducted the successful global integration of Sensormatic's $600 million anti-shoplifting product line into ADT sales channels, increasing revenue 24% in his first two quarters in the role. He also served as the Tags SBU GM, where he grew revenue 15% to $139 million, with 2% better margin, even as other EAS sales shrunk 4%.

In engineering VP roles at Sensormatic, George initiated multiple design and business process re-engineering efforts in EAS, CCTV, and Access Control technologies. Quality improved by a factor of ten times as measured by factory defects, out-of-box failures, and warranty calls, new product releases tripled on an annual basis, and development cycle times were cut in half. Prior to this he held engineering roles at Motorola, Chrysler, and NCR.

George holds one US patent with two applications pending in antenna design and microelectronic assembly processes. He received his BS degree with honors from Clemson University. George and his wife Alison live in Clemson, and have a son and a daughter.

Schedule of Events

Networking will begin in the grill area. We will then move to the Governor's Board Room for dinner.

6:15-7:10 Registration, Networking and Dinner*
7:15-7:45 Speaker
7:45-8:00- Questions and Answers
8:15-8:30 Session Evaluation and Raffle
8:30 Adjourn

(* Dinner included in registration fee).

Meeting Notes

The Capital City Club Board of Governors ruling prohibits wearing Denim "Jeans" in the Club at any time, as well as Shorts, Gym Attire or Tennis Shoes.

A three course gourmet meal with vegetarian options will be provided.