The Technical Side of Fun: Chip Design and Verification

How are the chips that are in your Wii or Playstation made? David Atoji will explain the phases and process involved in chip design and verification. He will note the similarities and differences between software and hardware testing. Come and learn about the technical side of fun. Explore the functionality of memory (DRAMs), network processors to microprocessors such as WII and Playstation.

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David Atoji has worked in chip design and verification for over 20 years. This included everything from memory (DRAMs), network processors to microprocessors such as the Wii and Playstation at IBM and Alcatel-Lucent.

Schedule of Events

6:15-7:15 Registration, Networking and Dinner*
7:15-8:00 Speaker
8:00-8:15 Questions and Answers
8:15-8:30 Session Evaluation and Raffle
8:30 Adjourn

(* Dinner included in registration fee).