Mentorship and Advocacy: Enablers for Equal Opportunity

WITI presents a panel discussion on using Mentorship and Advocacy as tools to enable equal opportunity in the workplace.

Studies have shown that increased workforce diversity strengthens the bottom line and improves employee satisfaction. Thus, many organizations have committed themselves to expanded efforts to fully engage previously underutilized talent. Because WITI is a women's advocacy organization, our panel will begin with a discussion on how leaders can determine the changes required in their organizations to provide opportunities without gender bias. We'll provide tips on:

- Ways to develop strategies to reach the desired state
- Proactive measures to encourage buy-in throughout the organization
- The powerful role of mentorship in employees' long-term development
- Guidance for establishing company mentorship programs
- Best practices for both mentors and mentees
- How managers can employ mentorship programs to ensure smart career paths for future leaders

Next we'll discuss the use of Advocacy to enable change at the enterprise level, and how to coax active participation in equal-opportunity initiatives. We'll review ways in which both men and women can advocate for fair treatment and productive methods for speaking up in uncomfortable situations.

Join us for a discussion that may seem to be ahead of its time but is actually right on cue.

Featured Speakers

Alia Poonawala is the General Manager of Ironhack Miami, a global coding + design school that is rethinking education. She previously led sales and marketing at LearnerNation and coached senior executives at Santander, AMEC, and Wal-Mart. Alia has spoken about startups, communications, and leadership at Refresh Miami, Carnegie Mellon University, and the Aga Khan Board for Education.

Schedule of Events

5:30 pm Check-in and networking
6:15 pm WITI Welcome & Introductions
6:30 pm Panel Presentation & Questions
8:00 pm WITI Raffles
8:15 pm Wrap up