Marti Evans

  • Digitization Thought Leader | Sales Performance & Executive Coach

  • Leap Dialogues

Marti Evans is a certified executive coach grounded as an Industry 4.0 Digitization and Operational Excellence thought leader. Marti has worked for Fortune 50 technology companies such as IBM, SAP & Microsoft. In leading and winning highly competitive ERP sales pursuits, she understands the complexity involved. She was also fully engaged in the delivery of these projects. Managing sales teams, cross-functional pursuit teams, delivery teams, and the client relationships at all levels, she has been noted for her authentic leadership, deep relationships, and strategy execution to separate from the pack. Her work has taken her from the C-Suites of North America to operational sites in the United States, Canada, Chile, and Mongolia. As an executive coach, she brings tools, methodologies, and the understanding of human performance to help others reach their highest level of performance.