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Individual Membership

One Year Membership

$250.00 (Renewal - $200.00)

Employees of WITI Corporate Partners can use this option to activate your Membership

Two Year Membership

$350.00 (Renewal - $300.00)

Five Year Membership

$500.00 (Renewal - $475.00)

Lifetime Membership

$1,000.00 (Renewal - $1,000.00)

Trial membership with Promo Code

$75.00 (Renewal - $75.00)

In-Transition Membership


For those of you not presently employed, or in-between jobs

2018 Summit Pass and Lifetime Membership

$1,195.00 (Renewal - $1,195.00)

One Year Student Membership

$50.00 (Renewal - $50.00)

Email a copy of your student ID to [email protected], or fax us at (818) 788-9410

Government/Academia/Non-Profit WITI Membership

$95.00 (Renewal - $95.00)

User must have a .edu, .org or .gov email address

Small Business Membership

One Year - 3 memberships

$995.00 (Renewal - $895.00)

One Year - 10 memberships

$1,995.00 (Renewal - $1,750.00)

One Year - 25 memberships

$3,495.00 (Renewal - $3,295.00)

Includes 2 Job Posting Credits


One Year Founding Coach


Includes One Summit VIP Pass

Three Years Founding Coach


Includes Three Summit VIP Passes

Lifetime Founding Coach


Includes Five Summit VIP Passes

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