The Knowledge Series™ - 5 Keys to Accelerate Your Success

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Presenter: Judy Peebles

In this webinar, you will learn how the 5 Keys of The Knowledge Series™ get you clear on what you want, show you the steps to get there and provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Judy Peebles will discuss:

Vision - What do you want and why do you want it? Clarity is crucial, but so is knowing why you want to accomplish your goal. That is what keeps you going. And make sure that the why is your own - not someone else's why.

Framework - Action Plan. What are you willing to do? What are you unwilling to do? But don't wait until you have the entire plan before you start taking small steps.

Leverage - Support, Systems and Structure, Accountability, Resources - coaching & community. Don't do it alone. Ask for help.

Brilliance - What do you need to learn? We almost always need to learn something to accomplish a new goal. Identifying that need and taking steps to get there are essential to your success.

Breakthrough - What barriers (internal and external) are in your way? Often the internal barriers are the most daunting, especially the ones we are not even aware of. Don't let your beliefs about yourself, the world or anything else sabotage your vision.

Judy Peebles is the creator of The Knowledge Series™, High Heeled Haven™, The Journaling Jenius™ and Journaling Jems™.

Having climbed the Corporate ladder and as a former Director, Sales Operations in Hi-Tech, Judy has a secure knowledge of the challenges facing individual contributors, managers and executives today.

Judy started her Speaking, Training & Coaching business in 2007. She helps her clients gain clarity on what they want and then guides and assists them on the path to accomplish it. Not a traditional coach, her clients have achieved amazing results:

- Reaching a five-year career goal in less than two years

- Turning struggling businesses into thriving ones

- Running marathons

- Becoming Iron Men

- Improving their relationships and living more balanced lives

Judy Peebles is an NLP Master Results Coach and Performance Consultant. She is a sought after International Speaker and Trainer known for her playful style while delivering compelling, interactive presentations and trainings that are not only informative, but transformational.

While working in the U.K. and delivering technical training for a computer company, she had the opportunity to train some of the Prime Minister's 10 Downing Street staff.