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Change your mindset, not your stripes! How to succeed in the digitized working life

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Presenter: Cathrin Frisemo

Going from industrialized to digitized era and business life is an ongoing transition in todays working life. It requires that you change your mindset and take on new skills to succeed. Digital natives, - 30, have a different mindset growing up demanding new ways of organizing and leading work. And that has to be balanced with the mindset of digital immigrants,+ 30. Some keywords are authenticity, transparency, good communication skills and to walk your talk. And for that you need to be who you are, and know your why - the Cebra-why. What's success to you? Not what's expected from you, what others decide success is - what is it to YOU?

Knowing what success means to you is one of the keys to lead a healthy, creative and joyfully successful life.

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Cathrin Frisemo is an entrepreneur, author and mentor focusing on the digitized working life and its challenges, and with a special interest in leadership. She is a well-connected global networker, on- and offline, and especially in the Greater Copehagen area and California. She has worked at the National Institute for Working Life in Stockholm and Malmö. Cathrin is also a member of NFBAN - Nordic Female Business Angel Network, and as a sweat equity investor she's sharing her knowledge and expertise with startups. Cathrin initiated Women In Tech International (WITI) - Swedish Chapter, as part of her engagement in women entrepreneurship and how to increase women in tech startups. Her latest book "I'm a Cebra on the digitized savanna - Are You? How to Succeed In the Digitized Working Life." was published in April 2016. www.cathrinfrisemo.com