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With over thirteen years experience in IT, Lisa-Ann Barnes has gained strong business and technical skills, with an expertise in project management. She has developed a proprietary approach to project management and has implemented it in various positions, industries, and countries to successfully deliver projects/products, improve project management processes, and mentor teams. She is considered an expert in project management, speaks at industry conferences, and is co-author of "Client/Server and Beyond: Strategies for the 21st Century." She is also the president and founder of IreeTecSM Incorporated, a company that specializes in project management.

Barnes began her career with Andersen Consulting and implemented mainframe and client/server applications for companies in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, and Mexico. She then moved to Andersen Consulting's CASE tool software organization, FOUNDATION, where she applied her project experiences to solving customer's problems with software development and project management processes. In 1994, she joined Corporate Computing International where she served as the chief methodologist and product development manager.

In late 1994, Barnes founded IreeTec Incorporated, which improves project manager's effectiveness through products and consulting services. In addition to being responsible for the financial and operational activities of the business, Barnes has been an active project manager and consultant.

In 1999, Barnes expanded the solutions offerings of IreeTec to include PM-Kit, a collection of web-based project management tools. Products within PM-Kit include a database of best practices, a web-based training class, and several job aides.

1. What was your first job in technology?
My first job in technology was as a COBOL programmer at Andersen Consulting. I had a degree in finance, went through Andersen's training program, and started my career in technology!

2. Who has been your most significant mentor? Why?
I have been lucky that lots of people have mentored me in various areas throughout my career. I'm not afraid to ask people questions about things I don't know or understand.

3. What has been your greatest challenge and what strategies did you use to overcome obstacles?
The most difficult challenge has been knowing what I want to do. I enjoy different parts of the technology industry. When I started my own business, I had to decide what I wanted to focus on. I built a spreadsheet (nerd!), listed out my skills, assessed my level of competency in each, and then highlighted the things that I really enjoyed. That is how I realized I have a passion for project management. The ongoing challenge is staying focused on what I enjoy instead of following trends. I try to find projects that use my strengths and manage my skills development carefully.

4. Who has been the most influential person in your life? Why?
My daughter - she reminds me of what is most important at the end of the day.

5. What lessons have you learned that would be valuable to women beginning their careers in technology?

  1. Don't be intimidated
  2. Ask questions until you understand
  3. Read and research what interests you.

6. What new technology do you believe will have the most positive impact on the world in the next 20 years? The most negative impact?
I think the internet will give people more access to information and other people. At the same time, it will become more difficult to find accurate and relevant information. With increases in accessible technology, we have to be sure to not lose the ability to think and relate to each other.

On a lighter note:

1. If you could have dinner with any 2 people (living or not), who would they be?

Jimmy Carter and Audrey Hepburn. They are both people who have had a long and rich life, full of fascinating experiences. After they had great success, they used their fame and fortune to make the world better for those less fortunate. Jimmy Carter has done much with Habitat for Humanity, and Audrey Hepburn worked closely with UNICEF.

2. What was the last book you read? What books do you love to recommend?
The favorites this week are "Curious George Flies a Kite," followed closely by "Madeline at the Ballet." I like to read science fiction books, but I can never remember the titles or authors!

3. If you couldn't do what you are doing now, what profession would you choose?
If lifestyle were not an issue, I would be an astronomer. When I had to do a paper on "What will you be when you grow up" I wanted to be an astronomer until I found out I had to go to school for 12 more years!

4. What is your definition of success?
Doing fulfilling work with excellent people, and having time and energy to spend with my family and friends.

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