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WITI Hall of Fame

1997 Inductees

Fran Allen Fran Allen
IBM Fellow, IBM

Carol Bartz Carol Bartz
Executive Chairman of the Board, Autodesk

Shaunna F. Black Shaunna F. Black
Vice President, Texas Instruments

Pamela Meyer Lopker Pamela Meyer Lopker
President and Chairman of the Board, QAD

Marcia Neugebauer Marcia Neugebauer
Distinguised visiting scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

ENIAC Programmers ENIAC Programmers
Kathleen McNulty, Mauchly Antonelli, Jean Jennings Bartik, Frances Synder Holber, Marlyn Wescoff Meltzer, Frances Bilas Spence and Ruth Lichterman Teitelbaum

Donna Shirley Donna Shirley
Retired, Manager, Mars Exploration Program

Patty Stonesifer Patty Stonesifer
Chief Exective Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Patricia M. Wallington Patricia M. Wallington
President, CIO Associates, Sarasota, Florida

Rosalyn S. Yalow Rosalyn S. Yalow
Nobel Laureate,

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Featured Profile

Patty Stonesifer

Patty Stonesifer

Chief Exective Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Inducted in: 1997

Patty Stonesifer leads the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation's mission to promote equity for all people around the world. For all three of the foundation's program groups, she sets strategic priorities, monitors results, and facilitates relationships with key partners.

Some of the goals of the foundation's Global Development, Global Health and United States programs include creating opportunities for people to lift themselves out of poverty and hunger, financial services for the poor, free access to computers and the Internet in public libraries and access to existing vaccines, drugs, and other tools to fight diseases common in developing countries.

In addition to her responsibilities with the foundation, Stonesifer is an active community volunteer, donating both time and resources to a number of regional nonprofit organizations. Stonesifer has served as a member of the U.S. delegation to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on AIDS. She serves on the boards of the Smithsonian Institution, The Seattle Foundation, and Amazon.com.

Before helping Bill and Melinda Gates launch the Gates Learning Foundation in 1997, Stonesifer was a senior vice president at Microsoft.

More information on Patty Stonesifer is available at the following:
Patty Stonesifer Profile
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Chief Executive Officer

Profile at the time of induction in 1997