In Memoriam - Elizabeth Edwards 1949-2010

Carolyn Leighton

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Whether liberal or conservative, as a woman, it would be challenging not to be deeply touched by the life and the passing of Elizabeth Edwards.

As you may know, Elizabeth Edwards died yesterday, December 7th, at the age of 61 - much too young for someone who had so much to give the world!

Many of us have been inspired by her courage, her spirit and, most of all, her deep compassion and commitment to making a difference for all.

Her death reminds each of us how fragile life can be, and, how important it is to take a stand for every principle we care about.

About Elizabeth Edwards

She was an attorney, and, as the daughter of a U.S. Navy Pilot, she had to move frequently as a child, spending part of her childhood in Japan.

She received her Bachelors Degree from University of North Carolina, and graduated UNC Law School in 1977 where she met her husband John Edwards.

She and John had 5 children and, gave up practicing law when she lost her son in a tragic traffic accident to devote herself to the full time administration of the Wake Edwards Foundation.

Elizabeth Edwards clearly lived the life of compassion and dedication to making a significant contribution to society. I will miss her!