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Wednesday, June 20
Session I | Session II
Conferences | Santa Clara | Sessions and Speakers

Sessions and Speakers*
Summer 2001 | June 20 - 21 | Santa Clara Convention Center | Santa Clara, Calif.

Wednesday, June 20
Session I
10:15 - 11:45 a.m.

Business Development Track

Free to Succeed: Designing the Life You Want in the New Free Agent Economy
Ballroom A Have a hankering to do things differently, either in your current job or on your own? Come to find out what style of "free agency" (either full-time or on the side) might work for you, and how to begin now to plan for it. Don't just wish you had more control over your work. Come to find out how to make it so!

    Featured Speaker: Barbara Reinhold, Ph.D., Director, Career and Executive Development, Smith College and Online "Career Coach" for Monster.com
Life's a Pitch
Ballroom G In today's competitive environment, companies need to communicate their differentiators quickly. Less is more. VC's, customers, or partners don't have time to sift through gobs of information to get to the important stuff. Be brief. Make your message sizzle. In this session, I'll help get you started.
    Chris Melching, Presentation Coach, Garage, Inc.

LeadershipXcellence Track


Understanding the ROI of Your Human Assets
Ballroom B
What if human potential did affect the bottom-line? Might companies have the financial justification to make training and developing employees a number one priority? If your company wants to understand the return on investment (ROI) for the Human Capital Asset, attend this session. Dr. Nat will take a look at people, money, and ROI strategies that will change the way you do business forever.

Participants will learn:

  1. to evaluate how to use an ROI process to increase profits, revenue shares,increase customer service, beat the competition, and recruit and retain the best talent.
  2. to develop a roadmap to understand that human performance is related to ROI and a common language to process to discuss ROI.
  3. to create a culture where employees embrace change, become proactive, complain less, create more, and appreciate their jobs.
    Featured Speaker: Natalie Petouhoff, Ph.D., Director of Website Content, Benchmark Portal, Inc.
Professional Development Track

Sales Techniques
Ballroom C Everyday we are selling something. Whether it is selling a service, a product or ourselves, gaining buy-in with others is key in today's economic climate. The process of selling can sometimes seem hit or miss. Understanding and knowing how to use four basic elements can markedly improve your chances of success. In this lively session, Lana will explain these elements and show you how to have people say yes each time. Participants will learn:
  1. what motivates a seller and a buyer
  2. how spoken and unspoken communication seals or breaks the deal
  3. how to quickly adapt your sales technique to be an instant winner
    Lana M.Ruffins, President, LMR Associates
Set and Achieve Desired Goals
Ballroom D Focuses on identifying goals that give you a sense of purpose and help guide you to a personal path of success. Learn key elements of effective goals, how these can lead to effective performance and confidence, and a unique process for setting and achieving desired goals. Leave with a personal action plan to begin working on a desired goal.
    Carole Kanchier, Ph.D., Principal, Questers
Technology Track

Adaptive IT
Ballroom F
Technology innovation drives business change, which in turn transforms technology innovation, in a continuous feedback loop. The result is opportunity rich, but resource draining. Change without interruption is constant and technology is the new life support of business transformation. Adaptive IT is our perspective on the fundamental shift in mindset and behaviors around technology and the organizations that deliver it. IT is the new front-line, if not ground zero, in the business wars. Come hear what it takes to maintain high-performance in this ever-changing environment.
    Featured Speaker: Chell Smith, VP, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young


Connect with Top Executives to Learn Winning Marketing Strategies
Ballroom H
Don't miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to dialogue with successful marketing executives and entrepreneurs about winning marketing strategies for today's economy.
    Dana Todd, VP. Marketing, SiteLab International, Inc.
    Topic: Search Engine Strategies: Buying your Way to the Top

    Dr. Clarisse Behar Molad, Manager, Business Development, Cable and Wireless Global e-Services
    Topic: System Integration Challenges in Reaching Global Markets

    Susan Butenhoff, President and CEO, Access Communications
    Topic: Public Relations for the New Economy

    Patti Bond, Chief Operations Officer, BluMarble Strategic Marketing
    Topic: Positioning for a Competitive Edge

    Lee Caraher, President and Founder, Red Whistle Communications
    Topic: Beyond the Hype: PR that Matters

    Helen Loh, VP, Marketing, seeUthere.com
    Topic: The Accountable Marketer - Linking Marketing to Revenues

    Teri Dahlbeck, Co-Founder, GotMarketing.com
    Topic: Email Campaigns - The Most Effective Form of Marketing

    Margaret Donnelly, Director of Business Development, Applications, ArrayComm, Inc.
    Topic: Do I Need a Wireless Strategy?

Session II
2 - 3:30 p.m.

Business Development Track

Strategic Alliances: Creating Smart Partnerships
Ballroom G Join senior business development and marketing professionals for a discussion on the role that strategic alliances play in their firms. This session will focus on the definitions and entities that comprise alliances, corporate strategies, best practices for forming and maintaining alliances and how alliances evolve or dissolve.

    Denise Ryan, Chief Visionary Officer and President, BluMarble Strategic Marketing (moderator)
    Cheemin Bo-Linn, Ph.D., Director of Worldwide Marketing, IBM Storage Systems Group
    Susanne Berndt-Radley, Director, Global Technology Partners, Microsoft Corporation
    Susan E. Schiro, President, Summit International
    Linda Hannan, Founder and CEO, ITN SignalStream
LeadershipXcellence Track

The Emerging Leader
Ballroom E
In today's workplace, as organizations move from the traditional to the virtual, from mechanistic to organic, management has to shift from a command and control style to a more holistic approach. In a networked world leadership has to become contextual as organizations deal with ambiguity, diversity and unpredictability. In this session, Veronica will share how managers can become more flexible, adaptive and responsive leaders and how to manage in a more holistic, organic and collaborative paradigm.
    Featured Speaker: Veronica Boaz, VP, LeadershipXcellence Division, WITI Unlimited, Inc.
Professional Development Track

Personal Stories of Successful Women
Ballroom A
This is always one of our most popular sessions. Inspiring, motivational and awesome is how some have described it. If you're interested in the engaging stories of dynamic women who have experienced extraordinary success, then this is a session you definitely won't want to miss.
    Mindi Keirnan, SVP and General Manager, San Jose Mercury News (moderator)
    Janne Ackerman, Sr. Manager, Engineering, Raytheon
    Sandy Carter, VP e-Commerce Marketing, IBM Software Solutions Group
    Susan Graham, Director, Supply Management, WW Operations Group, Sun Microsystems
    Linda Valentine, SVP, Motorola

Management 101 for Techies
Ballroom B
Are you a techie intent on moving your way up the corporate ladder? Have you recently been promoted to a management position after years of being a technologist? Often outstanding technologists are promoted to management positions without being provided the skills necessary to be effective leaders. We will discuss the skill sets that technical professionals need to become successful and effective leaders.

    Tandy Green, Global Account Manager, Qwest Internet Solutions (moderator)
    Lisa-Ann Barnes, President, IreeTec
    Jennifer Skinner-Gray, Western Area DSP Technical Development Manager, Texas Instruments Norleena Poynet, Manager/Critical Technologies, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Cassandra E. Ritucci, VP, Goldman Sachs
How to Detect the Secret Agenda in a Negotiation
Ballroom D
Negotiation is truly an art. The trouble is, we often feel at a loss to know how to get the upper hand. In this lecture, you will discover your own negotiating style as well as how to recognize the style of your "adversary". Learn how graphology can provide the inside track on the person with whom you have to deal, either personally or professionally. Gain specific strategies to help achieve your negotiating objectives. The personal styles and strategies of Bill Clinton, Ted Turner, Richard Nixon, Larry Ellison and Bill Gates will be used as examples.
    Featured Speaker: Arlyn J. Imberman, President, Emerging Image, Inc.
Technology Track

So You Want to be a CIO/CTO?
Ballroom F So you're ready to move up from being a programmer or project manager, and you think being a CIO or CTO sounds good. What does a CIO/CTO do exactly? Do you need an MBA? Better suits? Is it worth it? CIOs and CTOs share their experiences with you about this challenging career.
    Abbie Lundberg, SVP and Editor in Chief, CIO Magazine (moderator)
    Tama Olver, VP, Quantum Worldwide Information Services, CIO, Quantum Corporation
    Melissa Johnson, CIO, Sterling Commerce
    Padmasree Warrior, Corporate VP, CTO, Director, Digital DNA Labs, Motorola
    JoAnne Ashman, CIO, Key3Media Events, Inc.
Women Bridging the Digital Divide Roundtable
Ballroom H
Meet women who are working towards diminishing the growing gap between those who have access to technology and information skills and those who do not. In this session, women bridging the digital divide will share ideas, information and creative solutions to tackle this critical societal issue.
    Anu Arora, Test Manager, Microsoft Corporation (Roundtable Coordinator)

    Melanie L. Edwards, Strategic Partnerships Advisor, United Nations Information Technology Service
    Topic: Opportunities for IT Companies in Emerging Markets

    Radhika Kunamneni, Research Associate, PolicyLink
    Topic: Building a Digital Workforce - IT Opportunities in Low Income

    Michelle Black, WW Product Manager, MS Sales, Microsoft Corporation
    Topic: Corporate Programs Designed to Bridge the Digital Divide

    Maureen Glynn, Director, Strategy and Technology, Intel Corporation
    Topic: Computer Clubhouses in Inner Cities

    Jacelyn Swenson, Program Manager, WIT K-12 Outreach Programs, IBM Corporation
    Topic: Improving Mathematics and Science Education for Young Girls from Diverse Ethnic and Academic Backgrounds

    Dianne L. Needham, Health Communication and Informatics Research, National Cancer Institute, NIH
    Topic: Doctor, May I See Your PDA? How New Media are Changing the Way Health Care Professionals Deliver Information to Consumers.

*Subject to change

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