Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Dr. Cheryl L. Shavers

Dr. Cheryl L. Shavers

Chairman and CEO, Global Smarts, Inc.

Inducted in 1996

Cheryl L. Shavers, PhD, is the chair and CEO of Global Smarts, Inc., a technology globalization enterprise that specializes in the integration of capital, technology, and information across national borders. Cheryl has over 25 years of experience in the high-tech industry in various engineering and managerial positions at Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, and Varian Associates. She served as a patent agent in Hewlett-Packard’s technical legal department and is the immediate former undersecretary of commerce for technology confirmed by the 106th Congress.

Before she was nominated by former President Clinton to be undersecretary of technology, Cheryl served in several senior-level management positions at Intel Corporation.

Notably, she headed the Microprocessor Sector Group within Intel Capital Division. There, she led technology assessments of emerging technologies; structured strategic business alliances; and oversaw domestic and international equity investments and/or acquisitions of high-tech companies involving microprocessors, displays, design tools and information appliances. Cheryl was group manager of the advanced technology operation in Intel’s Technology and Manufacturing Group.

As undersecretary of technology, Cheryl served as senior advisor to the secretary of commerce in forming new policies and program initiatives in the areas of science and technology. The Technology Administration is the federal government’s focal point for working in partnership with United States industry to improve America’s commercial and industrial innovation, productivity, and economic growth.

In this role, Cheryl oversaw the commerce department’s Technology Administration and the Office of Technology Policy, as well as the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the National Technical Information Service, and the Office of Space Commercialization.

Additionally, she served as the Department of Commerce’s representative to the National Science and Technology Council’s Committee on National Security; the Committee on International Science, Engineering and Technology; and the Committee on Technology. Cheryl also coordinated the Clinton Administration’s Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles program.

Internationally, Cheryl served as a member of the United States-Israel Science and Technology Commission (USISTC), is a former member of the USISTC Executive Committee, served as co-chair of the USISTC Joint High-Level Advisory Panel, is a former member of the board of directors of the USISTC Foundation, and the former co-chair of the Technology Subcommittee under the United States-Egypt Partnership for Economic Growth (co-chaired by Vice President Gore and President Mubarak).

Cheryl was a frequently invited to participate in the United States-South Africa Science and Technology Committee, the United States-Russia Science & Technology Committee, the United States-China Joint Management Committee, and the United States-Japan Joint High-Level Committee.

Raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Cheryl is a regarded technical and business expert, an associate member of the Library of Congress, and a former member of the board of directors for the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation.

Among her numerous awards, Cheryl is also a 1998 Aspen Institute Henry Crown fellow and an inductee Arizona State University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Halls of Fame.

Cheryl holds a bachelor of science degree in chemistry, a PhD in Solid State Chemistry (both from Arizona State University) and an honorary master’s degree in engineering management from California Polytechnic State University. She is also a practicing, registered Patent Agent with the Patent and Trademark Office of the Department of Commerce.

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