Janet Perna

Janet Perna

General Manager, Data Management Solutions, IBM Software Group

Inducted in 2001

Janet Perna, IBM's highest ranking female software executive, not only put IBM databases on top of the chart but continues to lead IBM's data management business to expand into new, lucrative areas.

Once a competitive swimmer, Ms. Perna pushes forward with amazing focus and determination, consistently pulling her team of 4,000 development and marketing professionals ahead of the pack. She knows what it takes to win and how to empower her team to deliver innovative, market-leading solutions that help customers solve real-world business problems.

After joining IBM in 1974 as a programmer in the I/S department, Ms. Perna moved to product development at IBM's Santa Teresa Laboratory. She was later appointed general manager of IBM's data management division and has led IBM in an ambitious and successful campaign to dominate the database industry. Ms. Perna was recently appointed to IBM's World Management Council, a prestigious advisory board to Lou Gerstner.

Ms. Perna is an industry leader, collaborating with her peers and forging relationships with other industry front-runners, setting the standards for others to follow. She leads with purpose and determination, helping shape an industry that is fundamentally changing the way the world operates.