Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Julie Spicer England

Julie Spicer England

Independent Board Advisor, TTM Technologies

Inducted in 1998

Julie Spicer England serves as an independent corporate director at TTM Technologies, Inc. She has served on multiple high tech corporate boards since 2010.

Julie spent the majority of her career working in various positions within Texas Instruments (TI) at several of the company's locations around Texas. After graduating from Texas Tech, she took on a role in product engineering at the Lubbock branch and moved to Houston performing semiconductor engineering leadership roles. She and her husband moved to Dallas where Julie worked for TI Defense Systems Electronics Group where she was promoted to Senior Member Technical Staff. She co-authored six U.S. patents and worked on the military vision system for missiles that were used in both Gulf Wars.

In 1994, Julie became a vice president at Texas Instruments and went on to lead the Semiconductor Group Quality organization when the business had grown to $7B revenue. In 1998, she became general manager and Vice President of the business unit responsible for custom microprocessors which grew to $500M revenue. In 2004, she became Texas Instruments' Radio Frequency Identification general business manager and Vice President. Her career led her from factory floor engineer to glass ceiling breaker in the executive suite where she spent 15 years as a semiconductor executive.

At Texas Instruments, she worked with others to build a sisterhood and bring women together in her industry, eventually creating a career workshop called, "Have The Tools; Know The Rules" that she presented in seminars throughout the company for ten years. In 2012, she similarly published career advice in "Eight Steps to a Board of Directors Seat".

Julie has served on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations and believes strongly in being involved with her community. She served on the boards of the Texas Tech University College of Engineering Deans Council, the Georgia O'Keefe Board of Trustees, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Society, Texans Credit Union, Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. She is a member of International Women's Forum and National Association of Corporate Directors.