Dr. Jennie S. Hwang

Dr. Jennie S. Hwang

International Businesswomen, Worldwide Speaker, Prolific Author, Corp Director, University Trustee, Comminuty Leader

Inducted in 2000

In her 30-year wide-ranging career as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, advisor, author, and worldwide speaker, Dr. Hwang has contributed to three arenas - technology, business and academia, encompassing international business development, leadership in worldwide manufacturing and technology services, intellectual property management, global leadership positions as well as corporate and university governance.

The confluence of her global business experience, international market savvy and broad-based technology expertise uniquely position her to contribute to corporate vision, business strategy and technological innovations.

Throughout her career, Dr. Hwang has worked in the essentially male-environment having held countless "woman pioneering" capacities from being the first woman received the Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University's Materials Science and Engineering to the first woman national president of Surface Mount Technology Association. Under this environment, she has learned to particularly appreciate the role of women and their challenges and opportunities.

With three decades of global-trotting experience, Dr. Hwang is an internationally renowned as a pioneer and a sustained leader in the fast-paced infrastructure development of electronics miniaturization and the environment-friendly manufacturing. Dr. Hwang is specially credited in bridging the gap between technology and real-world applications and in bringing innovations to commercialization.

Regarded as a Renaissance woman, her work is highlighted by national and international awards and honors.

Among her many awards and honors are citations by the U.S. Congress and the Ohio Senate and House for her outstanding achievements. Dr. Hwang is both the first woman from Ohio and the first Asian-American woman to be elected to National Academy of Engineering (1998) and named one of "28 R&D Stars to Watch" by Industry Week Magazine (2000). Dr. Hwang is recently featured among ten luminaries in the book entitled "The Road to Scientific Success: Inspiring Life Stories of Prominent Researchers" published by World Scientific Publishing Company. She received YWCA Achievement Award, was inducted into Ohio Women's Hall of Fame and an honoree from organizations across the globe, including Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Brazil. She has also received Distinguished Alumni Awards from her Alma Maters.

Dr. Hwang's career span across both corporate America and entrepreneurial businesses. Having held senior executive positions with Lockheed Martin, SCM Corp., Sherwin Williams Co., IEM Corp. she is currently CEO of H-Technologies Group, providing business and manufacturing solutions to the electronics industry, and interim CEO of Asahi America, Inc. Dr. Hwang is an invited distinguished adj. professor at the Engineering School of Case Western Reserve University, and serves on the University's Board of Trustees. She also has served as an advisor/consultant to many Fortune 200 companies and U.S. Government.

Dr. Hwang has made broad-based contributions to science and technology arena through her own technology development, writing and speeches. Her recurring speech themes are "Our Role in Science and Technology Enterprise" and "Technology, Education and Workforce". In specifics, She has made long-lasting impact on the electronics hardware manufacturing and environment-friendly manufacturing. She is a pioneer in Surface Mount Technology, a backbone electronics miniaturization technology, and the pioneer and leader in lead-free electronics, helping the global industry achieve green technology and comply with global legislation.

Additionally, she is the inventor of a number of patents and the author of more than 300 publications including several internationally-used books. As an invited columnist for SMT, she addresses critical industry issues and global market forecasting. Her views are globally solicited and highly regarded. She is also a prolific author and speaker on education, diversity, workforce, trade and business issues. Her topics addressed include "Leadership", "Preparation for New Millennium-Education, Technology and Workforce", "Education in Science & Engineering", "Modern Manufacturing Workforce", "Asia's Road to Economic Recovery", "Accelerated Tax Depreciation for High-tech Manufacturing", "International Trade and Trade Promotion Authority", "Changes and Coping with Changes", "Global Electronics Industry Trends", "Welcoming the Digital Economy", "Globalization-Technology, Trade, Workforce"...

In contributing to life-long learning, over the years she has taught over 25,000 professionals, focusing on disseminating new technologies and providing professional development education to the workforce.

As a sought-after keynote speaker worldwide, she shares her thoughts and vision with diverse audiences. Her topics range from university commencement keynote speech to the emerging technologies at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. She has keynoted and lectured for many major national and international events across U.S. and abroad including Israel, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, England, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, Puerto Rico, Australia, etc.

Dr. Hwang truly has the international presence. "The Mirror" magazine (Hong Kong, 1999) describes Dr. Hwang as "an intellectual prodigy with splendid life". "Her credentials read like a book of accomplishments" was stated by the "Today's Manager" journal (Singapore, 1998). Regarded by the "Commercial Affairs" publication (New York, 2006) as "a visionary and one of the most accomplished Chinese-Americans". "Her alma mater interview article (Cleveland, Ohio, 1996) exclaimed: "..Is Dr. Hwang a model for today's young woman? Only for those willing to work hard and work smart..." The American Ceramic Society (of USA) remarked in the interview article: "Jennie S. Hwang may indeed have it all - a successful career, international recognition as a pioneer in worldwide infrastructure development in SMT technology, a solid marriage and two promising children with a strong commitment in education and learning...". She is an honoree from international organizations, including Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Brazil.

Dr. Hwang has served on the board of Fortune 500 New York Stock Exchange-traded and the privately-held companies. She also serves on the board of various civic organizations and universities including Greater Lake Science Center, San Jose/Cleveland Ballet, Greater Cleveland Partnership, Surface Mount Technology Association, Materials Information Society, Cleveland State University Foundation, Case Western Reserve University, Council on World Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations. Dr. Hwang has been a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors, American Association of University Women, American Chemical Society, American Ceramic Society, American Society of Metals (Materials Information Society), among other professional organizations. She has chaired the Advisory Board of College of Arts and Sciences of Kent State University and served on the international advisory board of Singapore Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center.

Additionally she serves on U.S. government programs including National Research Council's Diversity Forum, U.S. Department of Commerce's Export Council, U.S. Department of Defense's Globalization Committee and the Committee on Forecasting Future Disruptive Technologies.

The influence of and contributions by Dr. Hwang go beyond business and technology.

She has devoted a significant time and effort to community services. Dr. Hwang has made sustaining effort on women's issues to help women reach their leadership and professional potential. She has also been invited to deliver speeches and to write editorials on women's leadership and career advancement. Her speeches and editorials reaching out to women professionals include the topics on: "Women in Technology"; "An Address to Women Engineers"; "The Principle and Practice of Affirmative Action"; "Affirming Our Commitment to Opportunity"; "Leadership" and "Women in Education, Technology and Workforce".

She expressed that she strives to learn the subtle side of leadership, which she believes is a crucial part of being an inspiring leader. She devoted her time to participate in leadership programs for young women. A thank-you note from a program attendee, excerpt: "Dear Dr. Hwang: ...Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us last week at "Exchange Horizon". I think everyone at our table was inspired by the time you took to learn about each of us and go beyond the typical introduction... It was lively, inclusive and informative. You did a good job of making sure no one left or dominated the conversation keeping everyone in the conversation...".

Another example, the president of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) - Cleveland wrote after an event: "Dear Dr. Hwang: I would like you to know how much I appreciate your illuminating speech and interaction at the SWE... Because of this successful event, SWE plans for expanding our mentor program, ...I was inspired by your journey to success. I plan to attend graduate school at... Most importantly, your story of balancing professional accomplishments with a rewarding personal and family life encourages me to pursue all of my dreams..."

To encourage and help young women pursue science and engineering, Dr. Hwang has established a special YWCA-Cleveland Award, recognizing outstanding women students who study a science, engineering or technology-related discipline. She has set an endowment fund at her Alma Mater, dedicated to interdisciplinary education and acquiring global exposures for faculty and students. Additionally, an annual Faculty Excellence Award was set at Cleveland State University, honoring faculty's pacesetting performance.

She holds a Ph.D. in Engineering, Honorary Doctor of Science degree, two M.S. degrees in Chemistry and Liquid Crystal Science, respectively, a bachelor's in Chemistry and Harvard Business School Executive Program.

Dr. Hwang has two children - Raymond, after earned M.D. degree from Harvard Medical School and BS and MS from MIT Computer Science & Engineering, practices at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston; and daughter Rosalind, a Wellesley College graduate, with UBS Warburg-Paine Weber investment banking in New York City.

Her long-standing, pace-setting work is exemplary to men and women.

In her most recent interview article, her response to the question: "What were your three most fulfilling experiences, and where do you think you will be in five years time?" - "...There were manifold fulfilling and learning experiences in my professional journey. Three struck me first:"

"My job with my first employer (Lockheed Martin Corp., then Martin Marietta) back in late 1970s. I was on the fast-track management under the all-male working environment while in my 20s. I have quickly won the confidence and respect from my superiors and subordinates, who were even 20 - 30 years older and had initial reservations about a young woman's management. I learned that, as the first woman on the job, it was critical to learn the subtle balance between the core elements for an executive woman - competency, capability, intellect, and femininity.
The preparation and delivery of my commencement address to university graduates (Classes 2007 and Class 2001). To share with and to inspire so many promising, young men and women who are going on their new stage of lives and careers was exceptionally invigorating.
Over the years, the opportunity to visit the worldwide electronics manufacturing operation and facilities of almost all major corporations. The interaction with diverse people while providing hands-on solutions to challenging problems and issues was valuable and enjoyable.
Going forward, slowing down is not a choice. I couldn't wait to go on my 4th decade and perhaps 5th decade career. Professionally I see myself in two primary roles. I will continue to be dedicated to our industry in its technology and manufacturing advancement by providing business, technology and manufacturing solutions, as well as disseminate new knowledge to the workforce. In a broader role, I relish my service on the government committees to advise the Congress on relevant issues, as well as, my service on corporate boards to provide vision and strategy to grow international business in this feverishly competitive global marketplace..."

Profile at the time of induction in 2000