Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

General Mgr., Delivery Engineering/Technology; CTO, Global Technology Services, IBM Corporation

Inducted in 2013

At IBM, Laura Sanders is responsible for developing, executing, implementing global technology strategy and architecture, and leads the global technology services, technical team.

Laura was vice president of strategy and development for IBM Tivoli Software, including IBM’s portfolio for integrated service management and cloud. She also served as vice president of system storage products and solutions, where she managed IBM’s storage portfolio strategy and, prior to that, IBM’s Storage Software portfolio and development.

She was IBM’s first integration executive integrating the Informix acquisition. Laura was vice president of IBM’s e-learning business and led IBM’s core-banking services business.

Laura started her IBM career as an engineer in Boca Raton—the first female engineer in her department—during the development and launch of the PS/2. She managed many software development projects including multiple deliveries of OS/2.

She has a passion for developing the technical careers of IBM women across her organization and the corporation and has had the opportunity to mentor and coach women all over the world as well as develop and support programs focused on the career growth of women in technology in IBM.

Laura received her BS in mechanical engineering and an MBA in finance from Tulane University in New Orleans.

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