Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Lisa McVey

Lisa McVey

CIO, Enterprise Information Systems, Enterprise Medical Imaging, Automation, McKesson Corporation

Inducted in 2013

Lisa McVey is the executive vice president of technology and operations at Jentryx Inc. she oversees the Atlanta office’s technology and operations expansion plan. She spent 21 years at McKesson Technology Solutions (MTS). At MTS, she directed and managed strategic plans, policies, programs, and schedules for McKesson’s enterprise information systems, enterprise medical imaging, and automation groups.

At McKesson, Lisa led the operational development of a sales process integrating 22 sales leaders and 15 diverse processes; improved business processes with IT governance and funnel management methodologies; and introduced a service-product philosophy. She used implementation strategies and a client education approach still in practice by the company today.

Lisa played an integral role in an initiative that integrated three IT teams to optimize efficiency, collaborate, and reduce cost. She achieved a run rate reduction of $31M in less than two years and created a new enterprise service supporting the product development lifecycle, creating a $2M infrastructure savings through cost avoidance.

Lisa has a POW Womenetics Award, was named the 2010 Woman of the Year by Women in Technology Georgia, and the Top Ten Technology Women by "Pink Book."

As an active member of Women in Technology and a non-profit focused on promoting the advancement of women in the field of technology in Georgia, Lisa created and serves as an executive sponsor for McKesson’s Women’s Employee Resource Group in Georgia.

She also participates in the Technology Association of Georgia, CIO Executive Council, Customer Relationship Management Association, and she is an active Six Sigma Black Belt.

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