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Starting a Consulting Business? Avoid These Three Tragic Mistakes
By Dana Brownlee

If you've ever met someone who told you they were a business consultant, and you scratched your head wondering, "What in the heck does that mean?", you're not alone.   Read More

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Fired Up on the Streets, but Not in the Boardroom - Is Corporate America Missing the Mark?
By Fatimah Gilliam Founder, and CEO The Azara Group

"Hands up, don't shoot!" symbolizes the terror some Americans feel when encountering a cop. You might not live in Ferguson or Baltimore, but chances are you have either experienced prejudice or witnessed it.   Read More

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Pre-Sales Consulting - Key Criteria to Build, Nurture And Sustain
By Zahra Jamshed

As professional services / advisory firms are making waves to establish focused practices for the evolving technology trends, e.g. cloud (hybrid, private or public), big data / analytics, digital and others, the technology solution providers are also actively transforming their landscapes by creating consulting verticals.   Read More