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Closing the Wage Gap: Five Salary Negotiation Tips Every Woman Should Use
By Redfin Real Estate

It's hard to know how much you should ask for before taking a job if you don't know how much you're worth to a company. You could sell yourself short if you walk into a salary negotiation unprepared and accept an offer for less than what someone with your experience is earning at other companies.   Read More

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Six Rules Kindergarten Taught About Negotiating
By Fatimah Gilliam Founder, and CEO The Azara Group

When thinking about Negotiations 101, what we learned in kindergarten should be a lifelong guide. We learned key fundamentals about how to engage with people. While we were busy playing in the sandbox, eating paste, and making animals out of Play-Doh, we were taught about life, human nature, and negotiating.   Read More

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Your Negotiation Outcomes will Suck Until You Do These 5 Things
By Lisa Gates

We are negotiating something every day. Whether it's salary, a promotion with a new title, a private office, a parking space with your name on it, clean air and water, homework, where to go on vacation, new cars, a new couch, or our neighbor's new fence, we face asking for what we want, need or deserve with a great deal of frequency.   Read More