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Women's History Month: Thoughts on My History as a Woman in Technology
By Marian Cook

With International Women's Day just past, I have been reflecting on my career in technology, how much I enjoy it, and how I am now no longer the only woman in the room.   Read More

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RECAP: Millennials - Hold onto your Hats
By Terry Dear

On February 21, 2019, WITI Orange County hosted Susan Inouye, Executive Coach/Bestselling Author in Leadership Development and Organizational Change, to speak to a group of 60+ men and women about working and leading the next generation.   Read More

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The Three R's: A Cloud Cost Saving Strategy
By Kevin Hannah

Articles on the evils of public cloud costs fill our newsfeeds and capture headlines on a daily basis. A reflection of its significance is a concern among those already using the cloud as well as a major worry for those considering their first moves into the cloud.   Read More

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The Next Big Entrepreneurial Thing? Look to the Past for the Answer
By Tom Panaggio

Regardless of what happens with the fickle trends in the world of tech, entrepreneurial opportunities are still plentiful. But sometimes instead of getting in line with the crowd, it's best to take a different path and look to the past to see your future.   Read More

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Grit & Grind: An Interview with C-Suite Executive Rhonda Vetere
By Brooke German

Rhonda Vetere, a seasoned C-Suite executive, is an incredible role model for women. Her repertoire of skills and hobbies exude a strong, focused, and well-rounded woman.   Read More

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Hall of Fame Flashback: Lauren States 2014
By WITI News Staff

Lauren started her career at IBM in 1978, and she is now the vice president of strategy and transformation of their software group sales division.   Read More