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WITI 30th Anniversary: Dr. Elaine S. Oran, Senior Scientist, United States Naval Research Lab, 2002
By WITI News Staff

As senior scientist for Reactive Flow Physics at the United States Naval Research Lab (NRL), Elaine leads a team that has invented and implemented many of the individual algorithms and the modern computer methodology for accurate numerical simulation of reactive flows.   Read More

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Bad at Adulting, Good at Feminism: Comics on Relationships, Life, and Food
By Julia Opre

Prudence is able to see her struggles as a shared burden with her fellow sisters and is hoping to lighten the load for all of us, even if just a little.   Read More

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Motorcycle Gear to Help Increase Rider Safety
By GEICO Staff

Fortunately, today's gear is fortified from within and designed to give the rider a protective outer layer of padding in case of a fall.   Read More

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Overcoming the Barriers to STEM
By Randstad Technologies

In the face of an ongoing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) talent shortage, Randstad Technologies conducted a study to uncover key motivations, beliefs, and perspectives of STEM-related topics among students.   Read More

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How to Get Invited into the Boy's Club (and Why It Matters)
By Elizabeth Lions

Every woman knows the feeling of being overlooked or run over in a meeting. No one likes it. Especially a female executive.   Read More

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How to Escape a Prolonged Rut and Spark Professional Creativity
By Larry Alton

Whether working as a software engineer, content writer, business owner, or bartender, a rut comes about at some point or another.   Read More